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Contextual Video Analytics at Scale!

We help businesses, with video surveillance footage or TV entertainment catalogues, to generate contextual insights from large amounts of opaque video. For instance, our clients in safety and security, leverage Spectacle to trigger real-time alerts when there is a suspicious activity around one’s vehicle. In video entertainment, Spectacle is leveraged to generate contextual meta-data on video and ad assets that provides intelligent contextual targeting and recommendations.

Smart Control-F

Contextually-Intelligent Lingual Search!

Smart Control-F allows a user to sift through an ocean of unstructured data by simply asking a question in natural language about the content. Additionally, this service in conjunction with Spectacle, can be leveraged to answer complex questions. For instance, through nFlux, Alexa could answer a question about who picked up the package yesterday from the porch.

This is made possible by training on millions of documents and pages all over the web to the extent that it can understand the closeness between “sofa” and “couch” or between “beer” and “wine”. So if the content contains “Bob who drinks wine on his sofa every Friday” and the user asks “who was drinking beer on the couch?”, the user will still obtain the most relevant answer “Bob” despite asking an inaccurate question. For audio and video, Smart Control-F first transcribes the spoken words and video features (including metadata from Spectacle) into text and then treats the generated text as a document, seamlessly letting users ask questions about the media and instantly navigate to the part of the content that has their requested information.


Enhancing and Augmenting Human Decision Making Capabilities!

Shiva helps enterprises find the optimum strategy for solving complex problems in high stakes environments. Human decision making is flawed and not-scalable. In its current form, AI is incredibly data inefficient and uses rules-based reasoning which means it fails to learn a wide-spectrum of actions and strategies at an affordable cost. 

At nFlux, we’re enhancing and augmenting human decision making and learning capabilities by using AI and simulations to recommend strategies and actions in complex real-world environments. Whether that’s a general that is commanding troops in the battlefield or in a wargaming scenario, an astronaut that needs to perform complex procedures in the spacecraft, a soccer coach that needs to find the optimum strategy for their team to win, or a cadet that needs a virtual instructor to go through rigorous flight training, our Shiva platform provides the optimum action to execute in real-time.

Application Examples


  • “Jaime picked up the package yesterday at 3:14 PM”
  • “Luciana is climbing up her crib upstairs” 
  • “Gary has fallen as has not been responsive for the last 7 minutes”


  • “5 workers in the danger zone are not wearing a helmet” 
  • “You’ve skipped step 3B of the elevator maintenance procedure”
  • “Rotate the knob 25 degrees clockwise”


  • “Male with a gun walking in area 25R at LAX”
  • Virtual Instructor to guide cadet training
  • “3 men fighting on the intersection of 40th and 13th street”
  • Assisting commanders strategize in war-gaming scenarios

Media, Advertisement and Video Entertainment

  • Contextual targeting and recommendation
  • Meta-data on ad assets about product, advertiser, company, etc.

Supported by

the “Big 3”

nFlux is backed by the Amazon Alexa Fund, Microsoft for Startups, and Google for Startups. Our solutions can be deployed on any major cloud platform and our services have passed multiple security audits including NASA’s and Amazon’s

In late 2019, CEO and founder of nFlux Seyed Sajjadi presented at Amazon HQ, talking about the growing market demand for real-time, automated, contextual insights and nFlux’s ability to unlock previously unrealized business value through their intelligent video analytics platform.