The AI-powered co-pilot for manufacturing

nFlux delivers the next generation computer vision co-pilot for assisting human workers in their daily assembly tasks, and enlightening manufacturers on operational blindspots.

AI and computer vision amplifies human workers while radically revolutionizing quality assurance, training and operational management in manufacturing.


AI-powered co-pilot for assembly workers that provides real-time guidance for flawless assembly


Next-gen insights, traceability and operational management for manual assembly operations

Moving the Needle in Manufacturing

nFlux Guide™️ and Acuity™️ suite of manufacturing tools enables changing the game in quality and productivity.

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Our Partners and Customers

Humans have aimed for perfection in manufacturing since the origins of commerce but the general perception would say otherwise. Have you tried …

The MWC this year was organized around 5 key themes, with “Digital Everything” being the one that closely aligns with nFlux’s vision. …

nFlux announces that it has acquired KAHI to solidify their customer development and go-to-market strategy.

Elon Musk said: "It's relatively easy to make a prototype but extremely difficult to mass manufacture a vehicle reliably at scale. ... For cars it's maybe 100 times harder to design the manufacturing system than the car itself."