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Changing the way computers see and interact with our world.

Artificial Intelligences (AI) have mastered Chess, Go, Starcraft, and DOTA 2. Human level understanding and execution on these complex tasks was once considered impossible; today it’s considered usual.  What else could be considered usual?

At nFlux, we like to answer big questions like these.

Current methods in today’s world work well on images or in contrived situations, but still fail to see and interact with the world in the way that humans do. This technological bottleneck has driven us to ask one of the most important questions of our lifetime, “how do we give machines human-level understanding?

The answer?


nFlux enables enterprises to generate previously unobtainable value from their video data by offering intelligent cognitive services that understand video context. Additionally, this enables nFlux’s proprietary machine comprehension and autonomous agent services to confidently recommend and execute actions in real-time high stakes scenarios. Whether it is assisting astronauts performing procedures onboard spacecrafts, advising commanders in the battlefield, or recognizing package and asset theft through residential cameras, nFlux services have been deployed and are continuously learning.


Our Services


Contextual Video Analytics at Scale!

This video awareness engine extracts context, temporal scene descriptions, behaviors, emotions, logos, and objects and outputs them in the form of timestamped metadata. 




Observation Powered Learning and Strategy! 

Shiva produces full spectrum of intelligent agents that can be utilized in various environments to tackle tomorrow’s complex, real-world problems.

Smart Ctrl+F

Query unstructured data with natural language!

Language comprehension engine that extracts relevant information from complex unstructured documents, audio files, videos or metadata generated by Spectacle.

Trusted By Industry Leaders 

Backed by Amazon Alexa Fund, Microsoft, Google & NASA, our team actively engages with prospect users and enterprises to offer pilots.

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