nFlux is the first intelligent video analytics platform to automate the process of learning and generating contextual insights from the unstructured data inside video footage.

Manual Assembly, Manufacturing & Maintenance

In 2019, NASA contracted nFlux to build an astronaut assistant technology that can help the crew during complex tasks and procedures in deep space missions. Using a camera, nFlux tracks procedures step-by-step, capturing any deviations that occur in real-time. We are now bringing this technology to industries on earth to empower line operators, technicians and other skilled workers across manufacturing and assembly lines as well as MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) to help them make the right move at each step.


About us

Inspired by JARVIS, we started our journey thinking about the future of Artificial General Intelligence. At nFlux, we believe solving intelligence can advance and augment human species in positive ways. Our first customer NASA asked us to develop a cognitive architecture to support deep space missions where communication with earth is impractical and the intelligent system onboard will need to assist astronauts independent of support from the ground control station. Subsequently, we received investments from Amazon/Alexa Fund, Techstars, Illuminate Ventures, Plug and Play, USC, and other world-class value-add investors to expand our platform and our team to deliver on our mission.

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