Pioneering human technologies

nFlux designs and develops deep-tech solutions to assist the humans of today create the world of tomorrow

Moving the Needle in Manufacturing

nFlux Guide™️ and Acuity™️ suite of manufacturing tools enables changing the game in quality and productivity.

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Defect avoidance

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Rework Reduction

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Ramp up time

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Training time

Worker Assistance

nFlux Guide™️

AI-powered co-pilot for manufacturing and assembly workers that provides real-time aid as operators execute manual operations. nFlux Guide™️ increases workers' sense of achievement while improving safety and reducing stress for operators.

Real-time workflow guidance

Providing timely and convenient visual cues on what to do next

Guardian angel

Lending a second pair of eyes to detect and avoid errors

Procedure mentor

Helping to resolve questions or learn new procedures

Paperless assistant

Automatically dealing with checklists and quality questionnaires

Manufacturer Assistance

nFlux Acuity™️

By equipping workers with nFlux Guide™️, manufacturers also see tangible benefits. Despite the hype around robotics and automation, manual labor still accounts for 70%+ of the production in manufacturing, so enabling workers to become a better version of themselves has deep repercussion on productivity. nFlux Acuity™️ provides supervisors, quality and lean engineers, and plant managers with real-time visibility and analytics of their factory. This enables them to have a more effective support of their manufacturing workers in one or across multiple geographies.

Optimizing cost of quality

By intercepting errors in real-time manufacturers can optimize quality while reducing rework and management cost

Ensuring manufacturing consistency

Supporting workers in multiple locations with consistent real-time feedback to manufacture products in the same way

Accelerating new product introduction

nFlux Guide™️ provides real-time operator guidance to workers in new procedures to help them ramp-up productivity faster

Optimize worker training

Using operator guidance and real-time feedback, workers with little prior knowledge can undertake new activities and quickly learn on the job

Our Partners and Customers

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Elon Musk said: "It's relatively easy to make a prototype but extremely difficult to mass manufacture a vehicle reliably at scale. ... For cars it's maybe 100 times harder to design the manufacturing system than the car itself."