Amplifying quality management in assembly with AI

A Case Study of Nokia and nFlux pioneering industrial AI for quality

Nokia Whitepaper on Quality Management with AI

The manufacturing industry stands on the brink of a revolution, with AI and computer vision redefining quality management in assembly operations. At the forefront is Nokia, actively pursuing these technologies to elevate its production standards. In the highly competitive telecom sector, where network reliability is paramount and quality management costs can spiral to 30%-40% of revenues, the stakes are incredibly high.

Through its partnership with nFlux, Nokia has deployed an AI-powered co-pilot, assisting workers in achieving ‘right-first-time’ results, leading to significant gains. This whitepaper delves into the challenges Nokia faced, the innovative solution implemented, and the remarkable benefits reaped from this collaboration.

For a comprehensive understanding of Nokia’s transformative journey and the role of AI in redefining quality management, please provide your contact information to download the full whitepaper.

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