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The Real Big Data…

According to Forbes, by 2022 more than 80 percent of worldwide data will be unstructured with a significant amount of that produced by over 45 BILLION active cameras. Querying and extracting insights from this amount of unstructured data, whether camera, text or audio is hard! At nFlux, we created The Ask Engine, built on our proprietary machine comprehension services that can contextually understand the content of user’s data enabling them to quickly make sense of this massive ocean of unstructured data. Companies and governments can easily integrate the nFlux Ask Engine in their infrastructure to finally make sense of their unstructured data.

Our Services

Smart Ctrl+F

Text comprehension engine that extracts relevant information from documents

Ask Engine

A unified integrated interface where users can acquire information efficiently and effectively

Smart Commentary

Video awareness engine that extracts temporal scene description

Service Applications

Safety & Security

  • Residential, industry, and government intelligent surveillance

Health Care

  • Residential, facility and elderly care homes (virtual nurse)

Entertainment & Marketing

  • Contextual advertisement
  • Procedurally personalized content

Media Management

  • Auto-tagging media based on scenes, activities, and events

Trusted By Industry Leaders 

Backed by Amazon Alexa Fund & NASA, our team actively engages with prospect users to gain a better understanding of their verticals and happily offers proof-of-concept pilots to establish technical integration feasibility as well as tangible business impact.

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