nFlux acquires KAHI to double down on customer development and go-to-market strategy

Today we are thrilled to announce the strategic acquisition of KAHI, and welcome them to our nFlux family 🎉 Make sure to watch our commemorative video! 🎥

KAHI has long been a strategic partner of nFlux, helping us to accelerate our product-marketing strategy and go-to-market efforts. As our business continues to blossom it is becoming critical for us to double down and amplify our customer development and go-to-market strategy… bringing KAHI and nFlux together is a match made in heaven ✔

We’re excited that we are being joined by a company that has been delivering value to global brands such as KONE, NavInfo, AIIM & TrueSpot and also has tremendous experience and craft in crossing the product/market chasm with deep tech startups 🔥

Please join us as we give a very warm welcome to KAHI as the newest member of our family. We are eager to build our bright future ahead together! 👋🏻

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